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Lug 8, 2013

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Feb 12, 2013

Dear Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the ISGE Summer School in Malta.
Malta is a country, one of the smallest states in the EU, that offers a rich variety of attractions to all visitors regardless of age. It has a chequered history that has ended up looking like a pocket Europe with some Middle Eastern flavour. Lying as it does, on the crossroads of the busiest and oldest civilised sea in the world, the Mediterranean, anybody who was anybody, as well as others visited here, established colonies and left their mark.

The University is one of the oldest in the British Commonwealth and the Medical School, that is still thriving dates back from 1676. The Medical School was established by the Crusader Knights of St John of Jerusalem known as the Knights of Malta who prided themselves in their hospital, as well as their warlike activities.

For the young there will be plenty to do as the Islands have become a major tourist centre; For the academics there will be plenty to do since ISGE, under the Chair of Prof Andrea Genazzani has produced the most exciting programme in the field.

Malta will be a wonderful experience with ISGE travelling from the Winter School snow at Madonna di Campiglio to the heat of the centre of the Mediterranean for the Summer school.

Your sincerely
Mark P Brincat

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